Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) Visa

Australia has long been a popular immigration destination. The country’s points-based visa system allows certain skilled workers to gain permanent residency. One of the visas in this program is the Skilled Nominated, or subclass 190, Visa.If you are thinking of applying for a Skilled Nominated Visa, get in touch with Global-Migrate today for a free visa assessment. Our qualified advisers can help determine if this is the right visa for you.

As with all of Australia’s skilled worker visas, the subclass 190 visa does have some basic requirements. These include an English language requirement as well as an age requirement. If you’re under 50 and have the language ability, you can submit an expression of interest for a subclass 190 visa.

Like the other skilled worker visas, you will need to pass the points assessment for the Skilled Nominated visa. To find out about what can earn you points, and how many points you’ll need, speak to Global-Migrate’s MARA registered consultants. We have helped many people with their skilled immigration applications, and can help you with yours.

For the Skilled Nominated visa, you will also need a state or territory nomination. Some states and territories are in need of specific types of skilled workers. If you receive a nomination, you will need to settle in that state or territory. If you want to find out about the benefits, and limits, of a nomination speak to a Global-Migrate representative today.

The subclass 190 visa can be a great way to migrate to Australia. If you qualify, it can give you and your spouse the ability to take up permanent residency in Australia, and can put you on the path to citizenship.

Of course, as with any visa application, the Australian subclass 190 visa process can be confusing. Working with an experienced immigration adviser like global-Migrate can help ensure you’re submitting your application correctly. Call us, or request a call back, today.